Suoramarkkinointi MEGA

Suoramarkkinointi Mega, founded in 1986, is a constantly developing pioneer in the telemarketing business. We operate in 15 locations in Finland.

We generate more than 5 million customer contacts each year for numerous clients in various industries.

Our well-developed call system guarantees effective and precise information gathering. The customer information can be transferred directly to Your own system and thus You’re able to follow the results in real-time.

We Belong to the Alma Media Corporation

We belong to the strongly developing Alma Media Oyj group. Alma Media is an international, strongly reforming company focused on digital media, services and marketplace business.

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The Power of Telemarketing

Our services are built on personal contacts via phone. The phone is the single best tool for gathering answers, conducting research and questionnaires, generating sales or leads, and getting answers fast – preferably positive ones.

Mega’s telemarketing results are exceptional, reach is high, and there is no need for large initial investments. We begin with a pilot test and decisions for a larger collaboration are made based on the results that we achieve.

Sales Service

We conduct telemarketing for both B2B and B2C businesses with the help of more than 300 salespeople. Each month we literally perform hundreds of thousands of sales calls. We have industry leading tools at our disposal, and our salespeople and coaches are extremely knowledgeable.


Invites, Leads, and Sales Bookings

Few salespeople are able to close sales from cold contacts. Leave the appointment arrangements to us and free some time for Your salespersons to handle crucial appointments. Our booking services will find the best leads for Your salespeople. Save up on resources and maximise Your sales efforts!

Market Research Interviews and Purchase Potential

Do your products and services meet Your customers’ constantly changing needs and expectations? Discover business areas that need development, find out customers’ true needs and what their buying potential is through high-quality telephone surveys. You may receive surprising information and answers to questions You didn’t even think of asking! Our excellent customer service and professional attitude on the phone ensures high quality and meaningful results!

Building and Refining Your Customer Register

We’ll build a customer register according to Your needs. We are great at finding interesting segments both fast and effectively. During this process Your register will be updated with valuable contacts that are most likely to actually meet your needs and ultimately convert.

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